Olive Wood Large Comfort Cross Faith Christian Holyland Gift (OW-CRS-003)

Olive Wood Large Comfort Cross Faith Christian Holyland Gift (OW-CRS-003)

Olive Wood Large Comfort Cross Faith Christian Holyland Gift (OW-CRS-003)

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Olive Wood Large Comfort Cross Faith Christian Holyland Gift (OW-CRS-003)

Dimensions (Height X Width X Length) : 10.5 cm x 6.2 cm x 1.4 cm / 4.13” x 2.44” x 0.55”
Weight: 0.04

  • Olive Wood Palm Cross
  • Small enough to put in your Purse or Pocket
  • This olive wood cross fits comfortably in your hand to bring you comfort any time of your day.
  • The comfort cross is a must for all christians.
  • Hand made in Bethlehem, the Holy Land

The Olive Wood Large Comfort Cross from Zuluf is made out of the finest olive wood that you can find directly in the Holy Land. This piece is handcrafted by some of the best Christian artisans in the Holy Land who obviously put much pride and effort into their work. This beautiful cross would make a great gift to give your friends, or even to a much loved family who will appreciate the meaning and thought of such a present. You can also treat yourself to this wonderful cross and add it to your own décor. The high quality and beauty of this piece will ensure that it will be handed down for many years to come.

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Jerusalem ImportFeatures:
• Made from premium olive wood in Bethlehem, the Holy Land
• A gift that will become a treasured heirloom in your family.
• hand carved at our Shepherds Field street workshops in Bethlehem

Zuluf Comapny Olive Wood Quality Seal Description:
Olive Wood is a beautiful material that is mentioned time and again in the Bible. Out of great Biblical reverence, olive trees in holy land are not permitted to be cut down. All items are made from pruned branches which keeps the trees healthy.
You can take pride when you purchase our crafts as we take portions of your total, to help local Christian families here put food and bread on the table.
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Shipping and delivery:
Holy land Shipping When ordering this item from the Holy land your item usually ships on the same or next business day, International shipping from jerusalem usually takes from 2 to 3 weeks with Israel Air mail, comes with a free Insurance and tracking. If you are ordering this item by EMS Express Shipping, expect 5 to 10 days, also comes with free insurance and tracking.

Olive wood Carving Process:

Green row olive wood comes in short branches and logs. After sealing its ends with wax; it is then sorted according to its different diameters and stored in a cool warehouse for at least six to twelve months to reduce its high water content (65 %) thus stabilizing its color. In order to produce good quality olive wood carvings several processing phases have to be accurately followed:
1. First carving phase, the wood is sawn into blocks according to the size of sculptures to be produced and then it is kiln dried.
2. Second phase, after these blocks are roughed by means of a pantograph to eliminate excessive wood, they are covered with dry sawdust during a period of 3 to 6 months so that oil is absorbed by the sawdust.
3. Third phase, this is the most important phase where fine details are patiently hand carved, sanded and decorated by skilful artisans. It’s interesting to know that because these details are carved from memory; no two pieces are exactly identical.
4. Fourth phase, finishing is a time and effort consuming process; long hours are invested in inspecting each piece to eliminate any imperfections before it is sprayed with transparent sealant to protect it from weather variations and highlight its natural color.
5. Fifth phase, prior to packing, every item passes a strict quality control. Special care is given to items designated for export.

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