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Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a glorious holiday. Christmas is a time to reflect and give thanks for the gift of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to this Earth as an infant to give Himself as a sacrifice for everybody who believes in Him.

Best Christmas Gifts & Decorations - Christmas Gift Ideas & Presents From Holy Land

This is amazing and it should be celebrated. Christmas is a time for giving. Zuluf offers unique Christian Christmas gifts that fit nicely into any budget. Our Christmas gifts are handcrafted by experienced Christian artisans who reside and work in the Holy Land. Each of our products is made to the glory of Jesus.

If you are looking for a gift that will be treasured and will last a lifetime, Zuluf has what you desire.

Every Christmas, your list grows in terms of who you want to give gifts to and what you want to gift them. It can seem difficult to figure out what to give your loved ones every year, but our shop makes it easy. We specialize in providing religious gifts from the Holy Land that are remarkably meaningful and thoughtful for those whose faith is at the forefront of their lives.

Our Christmas gifts range from ornaments for the tree to nativity scenes to display and everything in between. No matter the Christmas gift you choose from this selection, each one is carefully made by hand by Christian artisans who take great care to create high-quality, one of a kind items. All of the pieces are carved out of olive wood.


Olive wood carving is a tradition that spans centuries in Bethlehem and was first introduced to the area by traveling friars who taught their craft. Since then, carving olive wood has transformed from a simple hobby to an art form and one that is perpetuated in the Holy Land today. Olive wood is beautiful in its own right thanks to its iconic light yellow color, which is accented by the rich chocolate brown hues that make each piece totally unique and one of a kind.

Browse our site today to find the perfect olive wood carved Christmas gifts that are sure to make an impact this year.

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