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Handmade Wood & Metal Holy Family Key Chain: Authentic Holy Land Gift – Tradition Meets Craftsmanship - KC225

Key Chain Holy Land Gift Holy Family Craft 5.5*3 2.1*1.1" Zuluf® - KC224 - Zuluf

Handmade Wood & Metal Holy Family Key Chain: Authentic Holy Land Gift – Tradition Meets Craftsmanship - KC225

Regular price $2.50

Dimensions 5.5*3*1cm

Weight 23 grams

Carry with you the timeless essence of the Holy Land through our Handmade Wood & Metal Holy Family Key Chain. An exquisite fusion of traditional woodwork and metal craftsmanship, this key chain is a testament to the enduring love and protection of the Holy Family.

  • Sacred Holy Land Origin: Delicately crafted in the revered grounds of the Holy Land, this key chain embodies spiritual significance and historical richness.

  • Wood & Metal Fusion: A harmonious blend of wood and metal, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing design that stands out.

  • Commitment to Christian Community: We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Christian community. A portion of every sale directly supports Christian causes and artisans in the Holy Land.

  • Fair Trade Assurance: Every key chain is a product of ethical craftsmanship, promising fair wages and fostering a sustainable craft ecosystem.

  • Unbeatable Value: Offering the finest quality at the best prices, we ensure that faith and affordability go hand in hand.


  1. How does the wood and metal combination enhance the key chain's durability?

    • The synergy of wood and metal not only provides a unique aesthetic appeal but also significantly boosts the key chain's strength and longevity.
  2. What's the significance of the Holy Family design?

    • The Holy Family represents love, protection, and unity in Christian teachings. This key chain serves as a daily reminder of these virtues.
  3. How am I supporting the Christian community with my purchase?

    • Each purchase directly aids Christian craftsmen in the Holy Land, ensuring that their age-old traditions continue to flourish and enriching their community both spiritually and economically.

With our Handmade Wood & Metal Holy Family Key Chain, you're not just carrying an accessory but a piece of the Holy Land's soul, exemplifying spiritual devotion and artisanal mastery.

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