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Holy Family Figures

Holy Family Figures

All the Olive Wood Holy Family handicrafts in this collection are handcrafted by artists from the holy land, Each Piece is Unique There are no Two Pieces Alike.

Olive Wood Holy Family Wooden Statues & Carvings From Jerusalem

In addition line to our Holy Family statues which feature Jesus, Mary and Joseph, our saint statues, Virgin Mary statues, angel statues, and statues of Our Lord are carefully selected on the basis of detail, craftsmanship please browse other collections for Different Wooden Statues and Handicrafts.

Please Note: Olive Wood is an organic material, so each item produced has its own unique color, grain, and shine.

Olive Wood Hand Carved Holy Family Statues

Having Holy Family Olive Wood Statue is Perfect and Ideal Gifts for those purchasing homes, moving or starting new Families, these Statues make a precious reminder of God's love to us as his family of believers - Shipped to you Direct from Zuluf Bethlehem olive wood factory.

We Offer best prices and quality, why buy from the middle man when you can buy direct from the Factory? , if you need custom work please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Holy Family is among the most prominent and important tales of the Bible. With these wood figurines of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you can display The Holy Family in your home, office, church and beyond, bringing their likeness into your decor and interior design. Each of these figurines is unique and one of a kind with different intricate carvings that make up every one of them.

The figurines are all crafted out of olive wood, a famously durable type of wood that is as attractive as it is hard-wearing. These wooden figures feature a natural yellow hue that is accented by the rich, warm brown hues of the wood for a richer appeal. They are all hand carved, promising individuality and the fact that there are no two pieces exactly alike, allowing you to bring religious decor into the home that none of your other Christian friends will have.

We offer Holy Family statues in a number of designs, each one crafted by professional Christian woodworkers in the city of Bethlehem. Alongside these, we also offer saint statues, Virgin Mary statues, statues of Jesus Christ and various angel statues for you to enjoy. They make an excellent give to one's self, or as a gift to family and friends who put their religious beliefs and love for Christ at the forefront of their lives.

Browse our large collection of The Holy Family wooden carvings today to find your next perfect piece of decor or gift item.


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