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Bethlehem Jesus Cross Keychain: Authentic Christian Heritage – A True Emblem of Faith from the Holy Land KC204

Bethlehem cross keychain with holy land Gifts KC204 - Zuluf

Bethlehem Jesus Cross Keychain: Authentic Christian Heritage – A True Emblem of Faith from the Holy Land KC204

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Dimensions 9*5.5*1cm

Weight 19grams

Delve into the spiritual essence of Christianity with our Bethlehem Jesus Cross Keychain. Crafted with precision and passion, this keychain resonates with the divine sanctity of Bethlehem, the revered birthplace of Jesus, making it a must-have for every believer.

  • Bethlehem's Blessing: A genuine artifact from the sacred grounds of Bethlehem, this keychain captures the spiritual aura of Jesus' birthplace.

  • Enduring Symbol of Faith: Representing Jesus' sacrifice and teachings, this keychain is a daily emblem of unwavering Christian devotion.

  • Staunch Christian Community Support: Our heart beats for the Christian community. A portion of every sale directly aids Christian artisans and endeavors in the Holy Land.

  • Commitment to Fair Trade: Ethical craftsmanship is our creed. We ensure artisans receive fair wages and work in a positive, sustainable environment.

  • Unparalleled Value: Immerse in the spirit of Bethlehem without breaking the bank. We promise the best prices for genuine, high-quality artifacts.


  1. What sets this keychain apart from others?

    • Our keychain isn't just an accessory; it's an authentic piece from Bethlehem, making it a tangible connection to the sacred Christian history.
  2. How does this keychain embody the spirit of Bethlehem?

    • Imbued with the aura of Jesus' birthplace, each keychain echoes the deep spiritual and historical significance of Bethlehem.
  3. How am I aiding the Christian community with my purchase?

    • Every purchase supports Christian craftsmen in Bethlehem, ensuring their age-old traditions thrive and bringing economic stability to their community.

Hold close the spirit of the Holy Land with our Bethlehem Jesus Cross Keychain. A blend of faith, history, and devotion, it's a silent proclamation of your unwavering belief.

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