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Constantine Chi Rho Cross Olive Wood Necklace Pendant Hand Carved In Bethlehem (OW-PEN-044)

Constantine Chi Rho Cross Olive Wood Necklace Pendant Hand Carved In Bethlehem (OW-PEN-044) - Zuluf

Constantine Chi Rho Cross Olive Wood Necklace Pendant Hand Carved In Bethlehem (OW-PEN-044)

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3.1cm x 2.4 cm Approximately Hand Made Item - Olive Wood

Wright 8 grams

Step into a world of spiritual resonance with our Constantine Chi Rho Cross Necklace Pendant. Elegantly hand-carved in Bethlehem, this piece showcases the union of Judaica traditions and early Christian symbols. Made from cherished olive wood, this pendant embodies the historical journey of the Chi Rho symbol from the times of Emperor Constantine.

Unwavering Support for Christian Community & Fair Trade: Procuring this piece ensures not just optimal pricing but also stands testament to our dedication to fair trade and bolstering the Christian community.

Highlighted Attributes & Features:

  1. Bethlehem's Artistry: Each pendant captures the intricate detailing and artistry that's synonymous with Bethlehem's renowned craftsmen.
  2. Historic Olive Wood: The revered olive trees of the Holy Land impart an ageless beauty and spiritual depth to this pendant.
  3. Judaica & Christian Fusion: A union of the Chi Rho symbol, rooted in early Christian history, with the essence of Judaica craftsmanship.
  4. Commitment to Christian Causes: With every acquisition, we forward a segment of our profits to strengthen and support Christian communities globally.
  5. Pledge to Fair Trade: Our allegiance to ethical sourcing and just practices ensures every pendant's wholesome journey from wood to wonder.

Popular Queries Answered:

  1. Why is the Constantine Chi Rho Cross significant in Judaica and Christian history?

    • The Chi Rho cross, often associated with Emperor Constantine, represents the first two letters of 'Christ' in Greek. Its significance lies in its recognition as one of the earliest Christian symbols, bridging early Christian and Judaica narratives.
  2. What makes olive wood the preferred choice for such pendants?

    • Olive wood, especially from Bethlehem, carries with it tales from Judaica traditions and biblical lore. Its robust nature, coupled with distinct grain patterns, provides a sublime canvas for religious motifs.
  3. How does buying this pendant benefit the Christian community?

    • Each pendant purchased directly aids endeavors that empower and enrich Christian communities, ensuring their continual spiritual and physical prosperity.

Celebrate a union of faith, history, and masterful artistry with our Constantine Chi Rho Cross Olive Wood Necklace Pendant — a timeless tale from Bethlehem to your heart.


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