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Jesus Catholic Key Ring from Jerusalem: Authentic Holy Land Craft by Zuluf – A Symbol of Faith & Heritage - KC224

Jerusalem Key Chain Holy Land Gift Craft Zuluf® - KC224 - Zuluf

Jesus Catholic Key Ring from Jerusalem: Authentic Holy Land Craft by Zuluf – A Symbol of Faith & Heritage - KC224

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Weight 20 grams

Experience the deep spiritual connection with our Jesus Catholic Key Ring. A masterpiece crafted in the sacred grounds of Jerusalem by Zuluf, this key ring is not just an accessory but a statement of faith and a testament to the rich Christian heritage of the Holy Land.

  • Genuine Jerusalem Creation: Sourced and crafted in the sacred heart of Jerusalem, each key ring radiates authentic vibes of the Holy Land.

  • Supporting Christian Artisans: With every purchase, you become part of our mission to uplift the Christian community in Jerusalem, ensuring their craft thrives.

  • Ethical & Fair Trade Pledge: Our bond is built on trust. We promise fair trade practices that ensure equitable wages and safe working conditions.

  • Affordability Meets Quality: We offer the best prices without compromising the quality, merging divine essence with genuine value.

  • Zuluf Craftsmanship: A brand renowned for its dedication, Zuluf guarantees unmatched precision and authenticity in every piece.


  1. What makes the Zuluf brand stand out?

    • Zuluf is esteemed for its dedication to preserving the Christian craft traditions of Jerusalem, ensuring each product is authentic and holds a piece of the Holy Land's spirit.
  2. How is the key ring symbolic of the Holy Land?

    • The key ring is adorned with significant Christian motifs and is crafted in Jerusalem, echoing the deep-rooted Christian heritage and the sanctity of the Holy Land.
  3. How does my purchase impact the Christian community?

    • Your purchase directly benefits Christian artisans in Jerusalem, ensuring their craft flourishes and supporting the local community both spiritually and economically.

Hold onto a piece of the Holy Land and wear your faith with pride. Our Jesus Catholic Key Ring by Zuluf from Jerusalem stands as a beacon of spiritual devotion and craftsmanship par excellence.

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