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Bethlehem Jesus Crosses Keychain Set: Authentic Holy Land Gifts – Twin Symbols of Faith & Heritage KC226

Two Bethlehem crosses keychain with holy land Gifts KC226 - Zuluf

Bethlehem Jesus Crosses Keychain Set: Authentic Holy Land Gifts – Twin Symbols of Faith & Heritage KC226

Regular price $15.00 Sale price $5.40

Dimensions  EVERY CROSS 9*5.5*1cm

TOTAL Weight about 40 grams

Evoke the spiritual aura of the Holy Land with our Set of Two Bethlehem Jesus Crosses Keychains. Intricately designed and bearing the emblematic Christian cross, these keychains resonate with the divine energy of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

  • Authentic Bethlehem Craft: Directly sourced from Bethlehem, these keychains are a tangible connection to the sacred Christian landmarks.

  • Dual Faith Symbols: Two distinct crosses, each echoing the profound teachings and love of Jesus, offer a twin beacon of hope and devotion.

  • Christian Community Advocacy: Celebrating our Christian roots, a part of every purchase aids the Christian community in the Holy Land, nurturing their traditions and livelihoods.

  • Fair Trade Devotion: Commitment transcends our products. We champion fair trade, ensuring that our artisans are compensated justly for their meticulous craftsmanship.

  • Value with Virtue: Superior quality combined with unbeatable prices ensures that our Holy Land gifts deliver unmatched spiritual and monetary value.


  1. Why does the set feature two different crosses?

    • Each cross in the set offers a unique design, symbolizing different facets of Jesus' teachings, making them both a spiritual and aesthetic treasure.
  2. How do these keychains connect me to Bethlehem?

    • Crafted in the revered grounds of Bethlehem, each keychain embodies the essence of this sacred land, known as Jesus' birthplace.
  3. How does my purchase uplift the Christian community?

    • Your investment fortifies the Christian artisans in Bethlehem, promoting both their craft and ensuring economic stability within their community.

Embrace the spiritual grace of Bethlehem with our Jesus Crosses Keychain Set. More than an accessory, they serve as a daily reminder of faith, heritage, and the enduring love of Jesus.

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