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Olive Wood Fish Pendant Hand Made Handicraft Necklace Charm Jewelry Jerusalem (OW-PEN-047)

Olive Wood Fish Pendant Hand Made Handicraft Necklace Charm Jewelry Jerusalem (OW-PEN-047) - Zuluf

Olive Wood Fish Pendant Hand Made Handicraft Necklace Charm Jewelry Jerusalem (OW-PEN-047)

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Journey through a captivating blend of faith and craftsmanship with our Olive Wood Fish Pendant. Handmade with meticulous care in Jerusalem, this pendant seamlessly embodies the enduring spirit of the Holy City. Drawing from deep-rooted Judaica traditions, the fish symbol in Christian iconography represents faith and abundance, making this necklace not just a piece of jewelry but a wearable testament of devotion.

Advocating for Christian Community & Fair Trade: Alongside our promise of unbeatable prices, every purchase resonates with our dedication to the Christian community and an unwavering commitment to fair trade principles.

Distinguished Features & Attributes:

  1. Jerusalem's Heritage: Direct from the city's skilled artisans, the pendant exudes the spiritual and cultural richness of Jerusalem.
  2. Sacred Olive Wood: Harvested from the age-old olive groves of the Holy Land, its deep patterns tell tales of faith and perseverance.
  3. Symbol of Faith: Drawing from both Christian and Judaica traditions, the fish symbol holds deep spiritual significance.
  4. Supporting Christian Values: Each acquisition channels funds towards nurturing and enhancing global Christian communities.
  5. Fair Trade at Heart: Ensuring the ethical journey of our products, from wood selection to the final handicraft.

Your Questions Answered:

  1. What does the fish symbol represent in Judaica and Christian contexts?

    • The fish, known as "Ichthys" in early Christian traditions, is a symbol of Jesus Christ. In Judaica, it's seen as an emblem of prosperity, blessing, and protection against the evil eye.
  2. Why is olive wood significant in religious jewelry?

    • Olive wood from Jerusalem is intertwined with numerous biblical events and Judaica stories. Its durability, unique grain, and spiritual significance make it a sought-after medium for religious artifacts.
  3. How does buying this pendant benefit the Christian community?

    • Every Olive Wood Fish Pendant purchased aids in supporting endeavors that emphasize the growth, education, and well-being of Christian communities across the globe.

Adorn yourself with a piece of Jerusalem's soul with our Olive Wood Fish Pendant — a beautiful fusion of art, faith, and history.

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