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Olive Wood Olive Wood Cross Pendant (2 inches Height) Hand Made Bethlehem - PEN123

Olive Wood Olive Wood Cross Pendant (2 inches Height) Hand Made Bethlehem - PEN123 - Zuluf

Olive Wood Olive Wood Cross Pendant (2 inches Height) Hand Made Bethlehem - PEN123

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Discover the timeless allure of the Olive Wood Cross Pendant – a symbol of unwavering faith and divine protection. Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christianity, offering a genuine touch of Holy Land sanctity.

Made from the revered olive trees of Bethlehem, this pendant stands not only as an emblem of faith but also as a piece of history. The wood's unique grains and rich textures are a testament to the tree's centuries-old lineage, intertwining nature's beauty with spiritual significance.

Rooted in Christian Values & Ethical Craftsmanship: Our commitment to the Christian community goes beyond business. Every purchase directly supports local artisans in Bethlehem, upholding fair trade principles and fostering the Christian spirit of giving.

Features and Highlights of the Pendant:

  1. Authentic Bethlehem Olive Wood: Immerse yourself in the profound spiritual ambiance of the Holy Land with this pendant made from its ancient olive trees.
  2. Handcrafted Excellence: Each 2-inch cross is a masterpiece, lovingly shaped by Bethlehem's skilled craftsmen, reflecting a legacy of sacred artistry.
  3. Versatile Wear: Its perfect size makes it suitable for both daily wear or special religious occasions.
  4. Eco-friendly and Ethical: Our olive wood is sustainably harvested, ensuring environmental stewardship and support for local artisans.
  5. Gift of Faith: An ideal present for baptisms, confirmations, or any Christian milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What's the significance of the olive wood in this pendant?

    • Olive wood from Bethlehem is not only renowned for its beauty but also for its rich historical and spiritual association with the Holy Land. Each pendant carries this legacy.
  2. How do I ensure the longevity of my pendant?

    • To maintain its shine and integrity, it's recommended to avoid direct contact with water and chemicals. Gently wiping it with a soft cloth can help retain its luster.
  3. Is this suitable for all age groups?

    • Yes, the classic design and spiritual significance of this pendant make it a cherished accessory for believers of all ages.

Let this Handmade Bethlehem Olive Wood Cross Pendant be a testament to your faith, a symbol that transcends time, connecting history, nature, and spirituality in a piece of wearable art.

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