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Trumpeting Angel Pendant Necklace Olive Wood Christian Gift Holy Land Israel (OW-PEN-040)

Trumpeting Angel Pendant Necklace Olive Wood Christian Gift Holy Land Israel (OW-PEN-040) - Zuluf

Trumpeting Angel Pendant Necklace Olive Wood Christian Gift Holy Land Israel (OW-PEN-040)

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Weight 6 grams

Presenting our Trumpeting Angel Pendant Necklace – an emblem of divine presence and protection. Handmade from ancient olive wood from the Holy Land of Israel, this necklace is a harmonious blend of Christian faith and Judaica tradition. A timeless piece, it resonates with the melodies of angels trumpeting the heralds of heaven.

Supporting the Christian Community & Fair Trade: When you invest in this piece, you not only enjoy unbeatable prices, but you also actively contribute to fair trade. We take pride in our efforts to support the Christian community with every sale.

Key Features & Highlights:

  1. Handcrafted in Israel: Each necklace embodies the spirit and artistry of genuine Israeli craftsmanship.
  2. Ancient Olive Wood: Sourced from the historic olive groves of Israel, the wood carries stories of faith and resilience.
  3. Christian Gift from the Holy Land: A perfect keepsake or gift that embodies deep-rooted Christian values and the essence of Judaica traditions.
  4. Supports Christian Community: We allocate a segment of our profits to fortify and nurture Christian communities globally.
  5. Commitment to Fair Trade: Your purchase champions ethical sourcing and production, ensuring fair compensation and conditions.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What makes the Trumpeting Angel symbol important in Judaica and Christian beliefs?

    • The Trumpeting Angel is often seen as a messenger, announcing divine decrees or significant events in both Judaica and Christian scriptures.
  2. Why is olive wood chosen for this necklace?

    • Olive wood, native to Israel, bears religious and historical significance in Judaica. Its sturdy nature and distinctive grain patterns make it ideal for crafting religious artifacts.
  3. How do sales of this necklace benefit the Christian community?

    • A part of the proceeds from this necklace aids various projects and initiatives focused on uplifting and aiding Christian communities, ensuring they thrive and flourish.

Let the Trumpeting Angel Pendant Necklace be a beacon of faith and heritage around your neck, connecting you with the sacred lands and traditions of Israel.

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