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Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Statues

All the handicrafts in this collection are handcrafted by artists from the holy land every piece is previewed before shipping to make sure it's flawless and we guarantee you get your beautiful gift.

Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Statues Carvings Made From Olive Wood in Bethlehem

Many of this collection Have Blessed Mother of God Statues, Catholic Statues, St Mary statue and Our Lady of Grace Figures, Special Discount for Church or Wholesale Please Contact us.

Mary The Most Believed of all Women in the Christian and Catholic Faith, Ideal Gift for everyone, Our Mary Olive Wood Carvings are single pieces of wood depiciting the Virgin Mary sitting and holding baby Jesus in her Arms, with all your purchases you will receive Zuluf Bethlehem Olive Wood Factory Certificate of authenticity.

Our Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary leads us always to her Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Mary is considered to be the most beloved woman mentioned in the Bible and is responsible for the birth of Jesus Christ. She has become a central figure in the Christian faith, and her likeness is depicted in all manners of religious settings and homes. With the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Statues, you can bring the Virgin Mary into your home, office, church and beyond to keep her close to you at all times.

These Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Statues are hand crafted entirely out of olive wood. This type of wood is known for its beautiful natural features, including the light yellow hue that is naturally decorated with brown veins retained from the original wood. Nature’s unique wood grain patterns add striking details to only enhance the exquisite figurines they are carved into.      

The pieces in the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary Statues collection are crafted by hand by Christian professional artists in Bethlehem, bringing with them all of the energy of the Holy City. There are various types of Virgin Mary statues available in classic poses as well as the classic pose holding baby Jesus in her arms. With each purchase, you will receive a certificate of authenticity from Zuluf Bethlehem Olive Wood Factory in order to prove its genuine nature.

Whether you want to decorate your church, home, classroom or anywhere else with a symbol of your faith, these Zuluf Bethlehem Olive Wood Factory hand carved statures will help you do so in style. Browse our collection to find yours today

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