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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Hand Carved Olivewood ornaments Christian Ornaments

from the holy land to make your Christmas sacred and spiritual. The olive wood used to make the ornaments is Chosen from aged and grain full olive wood from Bethlehem.

Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments Wooden Decorations from Holy Land

Christian ornaments are typically associated with Christmas. Olive Wood Ornaments are magnificent displays of our beliefs and of our love for Jesus Christ. Have you ever thought about displaying a special ornament or two all the year through? Christian ornaments display beautifully in a variety of settings as a simple reminder of our faith and of Jesus’ love for us. Ornaments can also be used for display on trees or a plant of some sort for Easter and other Christian holidays. If you are looking for a charming and magnificent ornament to display, you have come to the right place. Zuluf offers unique and charming ornaments for any occasion.

Please Note: Olive wood is an organic material, no two pieces will be the same, each item produced has its own unique grain, color, and shine.

Decorate your Home Today with something special from Bethlehem, Holy Land for this Christmas Season and for all seasons ahead, all hand-carved into 100% olive wood, these ornaments are a great way to add lots of meaning to your Christmas tree or home decor this Christmas or keep them all year to show love to Christ and display his story all year!

The birth of Jesus Christ is a holiday that Christians look forward to each and every year. Christmas is a time not just for celebrating the life of Jesus, but for getting together with family and friends to celebrate together. Christmas ornaments are a huge part of the Christmas rituals, hanging them on Christmas trees, mantles, door handles and anywhere else in the home.

Christmas ornaments tend to be similar to one another, often just simple colorful baubles that decorate the branches of the tree. With the Christmas Ornaments sold here, you can change up your usual Christmas tree ornaments with these special ornaments that hold a rich meaning as a symbol of your faith. These ornaments take into account various scenes from the Bible, as well as the profound symbolism found there, enriching your Christmas decorations with ease.

Our collection of Christmas Ornaments is crafted out of premium olive wood, a material that is as durable as it is beautiful. The olive wood is yellow in color before it is finished and retains the unique natural wood grain of this special type of wood that creates a unique, artistic appearance. This makes each hand carved piece even more special and unique, as no two pieces will be exactly the same.

Each of these olive wood Christmas Ornaments is hand carved by Christian artisans in the Holy Land, taking special care to make each piece to the highest specifications out of the highest quality materials. Browse our collection of Christmas Ornaments today to find your new favorite.

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