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Olive Wood Angels Figurines Carvings For Sale

Olive Wood Angels Figurines Carvings For Sale

Every piece is previewed before shipping to make sure it's flawless and we guarantee you get your Beautiful Olive Wood Angel. The handicrafts in this collection are handcrafted by artists from the holy land, All Hand Made in Zuluf Factory, Support the Christian Community in Bethlehem Buy Your Lovely Reminder of Hand Made Wooden Angel from Bethlehem.

Olive Wood Angels Figurines Carvings For Sale

Angels are spiritual beings who serve God and are mentioned numerous times in the Bible. They would bring God's messages to His people and brought judgment upon God's enemies. Considered to be guardians among men, angels are certainly have been loved and admired for centuries.

Perfect for the Christmas season or to have at home or in the office year-round, this olive wood Angels made in Israel is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Please Note: Olive Wood is an organic material, so each item produced has its own unique color, grain, and shine.

Are Angels Mentioned / Named in the Bible?

 Yes, Daniel 8:15-27 and 9:20-27, Angel Gabriel is mentioned many times in the Bible, Gabriel is messenger Angel, His Word and Wisdom From God to Share, In the Old Testament Prophet Daniel has been visited by Angel Gabriel, and provided explanation for visions Daniel Has been given by God regarding End of Times.

Most Famous visit of Gabriel is his visit to the Virgin Mary announcing the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ as mentioned in the book of Luke, also he appeared to Zacharias for the announcement of Birth of John The Baptist to Elizabeth - wife of Zacharias

Angels Figures and Statues from Jerusalem

Angels are a prominent fixture in the Bible, mentioned multiple times throughout the sacred text. This is especially true of Gabriel, a messenger angel that is mentioned in Daniel 8:15-27 and 9:20-27 especially. He made famous visits to the Prophet Daniel as well as the Virgin Mary to announce the birth of Jesus Christ as referenced in the book of Luke.

Angels are also considered to be guardians among men, bringing God's message to those who worship Him. Their presence can be felt all around, making them an important part of the Christian faith.

Because angels play such an important role in the tales of the Bible, having angel figurines around the home or office can be a reminder and expression of your faith while also bringing you great comfort. These angel figurines are each crafted out of olive wood, a special wood that is known to retain its natural grain and colors, making each one of these handcrafted figurines beautiful pieces of art for the home or to give as a special gift to be treasured forever.

Each angel figurine is crafted by hand by professional Christian artisans who live in Bethlehem, bringing holy charm to each one. Their handmade nature promises not only individuality but better quality as well, so they can become a fixture in your home for many years to come.

The figurines make an excellent gift for any Christian in your life and are sure to look good on any shelf, mantle, table, and bookcase. Browse our collection now to find the perfect figurine for you.

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