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Wooden Pendants & Charms

Wooden Pendants & Charms

Have a look at our beautiful and various pendants Christian Pendants To Cherish

Each pendant comes with a certificate of authentication from the holy land. You can find olive wood, mother of pearl, and even Malachite And Azurite Pendants in This collection. Christian pendants are a magnificent way to express faith and add beauty and life to an outfit or to a room. Pendants can be hung and displayed in an office, home, or church. Christian pendants can be worn on a necklace, as well. Zuluf offers magnificent pendants for any occasion. Our pendants are crafted with the finest materials.

Religious  Christian & Unique Wooden Olive Wood Pendants & Charms

Our Christian pendants make glorious gifts for many occasions. Zuluf stocks Christian pendants in a variety of styles and price points. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your bride-to-be or you are looking for an heirloom Christening gift, we have what you need.

Olive Wood Pendants & Charms - Retail & Wholesale -

Each Listing has options for you to buy them in bulk or just one piece , Wear your olive wood pendant cross with pride, all our olive wood pendants and charms are leightweight, easy to wear, unique and durable - We Have Christian, Jewish and also regular designs and ideas of charms and pendants you can gift your self or your loved ones.

Christianity has a number of religious symbols. Among the most recognizable perhaps is the cross that was used to crucify Jesus. This symbol is one that is worn by many Christians to represent their faith and to keep Jesus close to their heart. With the Wooden Pendants & Charms sold here, you can change up your usual Christian jewelry and opt for something a little more unique and personalized.

With these Wooden Pendants & Charms, you can enjoy totally one-of-a-kind Christian jewelry that you won't find anywhere else. These wooden charms are fashioned out of premium olive wood, which is known for its beautiful yellow hue that is naturally cut through by brown veins that create unique pieces of jewelry. As for the other charms, they are crafted out of various materials, including mother of pearl, azurite and malachite, each of which brings its own beautiful physical attributes.

These pendants are a beautiful way to show your faith either by wearing them or hanging them up in a room in a home, office or church. These pendants are ideal for any occasion and make a beautiful gift for Christmas, birthdays and beyond. Every piece of jewelry that is offered here is made by hand by Christian artisans who put special care into each piece. Therefore, these pendants are all hand crafted to last and are made from the highest quality materials. Browse our selection of pendant charms and find your new one today.



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