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Wooden Crosses & Crucifixes

Wooden Crosses & Crucifixes

"He himself bore our sins" in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness;
"By his wounds, you have been healed."
Peter 2:24

This collection features our varied collection of Olive Wood Crosses & Crucifixes. We make our best efforts to provide you with the top quality Olive Wood Crosses and Crucifixes we make. Almost all of these crosses are handcrafted by artists in Bethlehem where our lord Jesus was born.

Holy Land Olive Wood Crosses From Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Olive Wood Crosses are a wonderful and powerful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made so that we could have eternal life in Heaven. Jesus was separated from God to pay the ultimate price for our sins.

Jesus was the only being ever born unto this Earth who was able to live a life completely free of sin. Since Jesus was able to live a life completely free of sin, He was able to take our place on the cross and in the depths of hell to pay for our sins.

This is an amazing revelation and the Holy Land Olive Wood Crosses From Jerusalem & Bethlehem is a great and constant reminder of the ultimate gift we received and the ultimate price Jesus paid for our salvation.

A Great Piece To Display in your House - Olive Wood Crosses & Crucifixes

Olive wood Crosses & Crucifixes are a great display product or gift that you can have in your home for many reasons, in our homes we use many olive wood crosses for decoration and religious symbols, they are very unique and not common in people homes, and they are a great religious symbol, having a piece of the holy land in your home, a piece of the holy land where our lord Jesus Christ came from and the land that he walked on.

The Cross is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the Christian faith. It represents the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified, bringing with it rich symbolism and a deep appreciation for Jesus who died for the world's sins. There are many depictions of the cross in all aspects of life, from the Church itself to the walls of homes to jewelry worn close to the heart and beyond. With these Wooden Crosses & Crucifixes, you can add another instance of the crucifix to your life as a piece of decor.

The Wooden Crosses & Crucifixes collection provides you with a wide variety of crosses to choose from, each one crafted using premium olive wood. This type of wood is characterized by its yellow hue, which is cut through with the natural rich brown wood grain. There is a variety of styles for you to choose from and just as many sizes, letting you pick and choose the exact representation of the cross you prefer. You can get one cross, two crosses, 10 or 50 crosses so that you can give them as gifts. They also come in upwards of 100 crosses, making them easy to give as gifts to an entire congregation.

Each cross was crafted by hand by Christian artisans in the Holy Land, ensuring not only their quality but a special touch that you are sure to feel when you open the package. Browse our Wooden Crosses & Crucifixes collection and find yours today.

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