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Christian Easter Gifts

For Christians, Easter is an extremely important holiday because Easter is the culmination of the amazing gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ gave to us. As believers, we know that Jesus Christ became a human sacrifice and gave his life and his connection with God the Father to give us eternal life in Heaven. There is no bigger Easter gift than the one Jesus Christ gave to us. However, giving Easter gifts is a wonderful way to share your faith with the people that you love and to give them a glimpse into what the true gift of life looks like. If you are looking to truly touch those special people in your life, consider giving Easter gifts from Zuluf.

Christian Wooden Easter Gifts From Holy Land - Hand Made Olive Wood

Our gifts are made by Christian artisans who live and work in the Holy Land. These Special Holy Land Easter Gifts are made with love and as an act of worship toward our Jesus Christ.

The main Christian gift giving holiday falls on Christmas, a day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ and a day that gathers families together to celebrate. On Christmas, gifts are commonly exchanged as a part of the rituals and are an opportunity to show those you care about that you are thinking about them. However, you can also mark the day of Easter with gifts to make the occasion even more special as well.


On our site, we offer a variety of Easter gifts for you to choose from. These Easter gifts come in a number of different options, including everything from wearable shawls and scarves to pendants carved out of olive wood. The wood carved items are especially meaningful, as they are the product of centuries of craftsmanship. Carving olive wood has been a tradition in the Holy Land and is one that continues today.

Olive wood is famous for its light yellow-brown color that is decorated naturally with dark brown details. The result is a wood that is very unique and one of a kind, with no two pieces looking exactly the same. When that wood is used to carve these items, the items become even more unique as a gift.

By browsing our Christian Easter Gifts, you are sure to find a beautiful gift to give to a loved one this Easter that they will cherish. Shop for your new Easter gift today to find the perfect present to give this year.

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