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Holy Land Religious Christian & Jewish Necklaces Israel Hand Made.

Jewelry is important to many Christians, as it allows them to wear religious symbolic pieces that keep them close to the word of God. Necklaces and bracelets are popular in particular, and some of the most common types of Christian jewelry tend to be necklaces that include a crucifix. There are many different types of necklaces that one can wear to represent their Christian faith, however, and we offer a wide variety of them.

All of our necklaces are made from materials sourced locally in Israel, their material composition helping those who wear them feel closer to the Holy Land even when they are all of the way around the world. Each one is fashioned by hand by Christian artisans in the area, taking special care to make each one of them one of a kind, individualistic and of high quality. Each piece of jewelry is crafted out of various types of stones from red to blue to black, giving you a chance to add style and color to your daily attire.

Whether you prefer to wear jewelry that is beaded or jewelry that instead has an eye-catching pendant, we offer both. Your sense of style and your closeness to your faith can both be represented wherever your day takes you when you choose one of our necklaces. Browse our collection of necklaces from the Holy Land and choose one either as a gift to yourself or a gift for someone you love today.

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