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Olive Wood Statues & Figures

Olive Wood Statues & Figures

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Our Olivewood Religious statues, Catholic statues, and figurines make wonderful gifts and add personality and character to the home, church, office, classroom, or retail space. Zuluf offers a variety of figures in different sizes to fit the decorating needs of any space. Our olive wood collection is made by hand by professional Christian wood whittlers.

Our Olive wood products are handcrafted in the Holy Land about Inside Bethlehem City Itself the Birthplace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Zuluf’s figures are affordable and unique. Add flair and elegance to your space with figures from Zuluf today.

Olive Wood Statues & Figures HandiCrafts from Bethlehem Holy Land

Whether you are looking for something small to give as gifts to a Christian group or you are looking for a large figure to place in the sanctuary, Zuluf has something pleasing for everyone.

Please note that all olive wood items are unique with various grains, therefore you will never receive two identical pieces

Hand Carved Olive Wood Statues from Bethlehem

Olive wood Has Been Carved for Centuries By Local Christian Artists Taught by the Fransicans more than 700 years ago, a gift of olive wood last a life time, past century it was all carved with very basic tools but these days it is done with basic dones and some basic machines to make the process faster and more affordable but it is even more dangerous, a wood cutter or carver can easily cut him self while carving olive wood Statues.

 Why Olive Wood Carvings from the Holy Land?

Known for its rich and colorful natural markings, olive wood is naturally perfect for carving into unique items of decor. The wood’s light yellow and contrasting brown hues stand out in these olive wood religious statues and figurines, making the pieces of art ones you can be proud to display in your home for their timeless beauty and spiritual meanings. The olive wood statues span a variety of religious imagery, especially Catholic imagery, allowing you to incorporate your faith into your home's decor.

Olive Wood Christian Statues from the Birthplace of Our Lord Jesus Christ

We offer many splendid figurines for you to choose from in varying sizes, sure to fit the size needs of any living room, church, office or retail space. Each piece is crafted entirely by hand to ensure both quality and individuality.

The olive wood statues are hand-carved by local professional Christian wood whittlers in Bethlehem City, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The craft has been ongoing for nearly 700 years and has been refined over time to show the high-quality craftsmanship that you see in the collections today. These meaningful statues and figurines make an excellent gift for any Christian in your life who puts their faith at the forefront of everything—including their interior design and self-expression.

Unique Religious Christian Catholic Gift for Someone Special

Whether you are buying a figurine as a gift to yourself or someone you love, you are sure to adore these premium, handmade olive wood statues, and figurines made with care in the Holy Land. Browse our collection today and find the perfect statue for your home, office, or classroom, one that is sure to last for a lifetime.


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