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Candle Holders & Candlesticks

This collection features our collection of handmade Candlesticks. Candlesticks have religious meaning as the symbol of joy and life-giving power where darkness represents death and destruction.

Olive Wood Candle Holders & Wooden Candlesticks From Holy Land Israel

it's also used for special anniversaries and celebrations like weddings, We have the Highest Quality and Best Prices of Olive Wood Candle Holders

All Our Olive Wood Candle Holders come with certificate of authenticity and are hand made by basic tools and lathe machine from the Blessed Olive Tree that is mentioned many times in the Bible, The Rich color is characteristic of the beautiful Bethlehem olive wood.

Ships direct from Jerusalem, Israel direct to your home.


Burning candles in the home is a ritualistic experience for people of all faiths, but for Christians, it can be especially meaningful as it mimics the sacred atmosphere similar to a place of worship. Candleholders are versatile and make for an excellent gift because they can be placed in any room of the home, and practically everyone enjoys burning candles.

With our Candle Holders & Candlesticks, you can obtain candleholders as a gift straight from the Holy Land. These candle holders are truly one of a kind and are crafted by Christian artists in Israel using local, natural materials that make them totally one of a kind. Each candle holder is crafted out of premium olive wood, a wood that is known for its colorful yellow nature and brown hints that decorate it. The candles already come in a wide variety of shapes including stars, fish, hearts and more, but they are made even more special and appealing thanks to the wood that is chosen for them.

Each of our Candle Holders & Candlesticks makes an excellent gift to any Christian in your life. They can be used with candles or stored on their own as a piece of decor thanks to their intricate and ornate nature. These wooden candleholders are smoothed over to make sure they are soft to the touch and won't leave behind any splinters of wood.

Shop our Candle Holders & Candlesticks today to find your new candle holders either for you or someone you love.

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