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Artistic Olive Wood Handicrafts & Sculptures

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Artistic Olive Wood Handicrafts & Sculptures

Bethlehem Holy Land Handicrafts olive wood

Here we present to you our specialty handicrafts. Our most artistic and beautiful masterpieces. All of these handicrafts are made from Very high-Quality GRADE A+ Olivewood and from specialized Carver in Bethlehem.

Artistic Olive Wood Handicrafts & Sculptures

Please contact us if you like to see the Actual Piece Before Shipping as you know Wood Grains and Colors Are Unique, there are No Two Pieces Alike, Each Masterpiece is made out of olive wood, so you can see the nice grain our Products, Carved by hand, which makes them unique artistic pieces; made from dry wood, so they never crack because the wood is dried for three years before using it; naturally finished and waxed, so it never changes color and keeps its natural shine and sanded well for a smooth touch.

Browse our huge selection of olive wood artistic Statues and create your own beautiful masterpiece art collection as a visual reminder of your Faith everyday.

The bible will come to life as you Display these beautiful Masterpieces of Olivewood - Museum Quality.

There are various scenes, moments and people in the Bible that stand out as some of the most famous tales in the Holy Book. These scenes and people have their imagery depicted in all types of art and media, and now with these olive wood figurines, you can display them beautifully in your home or office. Each one of these figurines depicts an important figure or moment in the Bible, such as the Crucifixion of Christ, Christ the Fisherman on a boat, statues of angels, the Holy Family and more.

These figurines and statues make an excellent addition to any office space, home, church and beyond, bringing with them beautifully detailed carved designs all presented in the elegant and attractive style of olive wood. Olive wood is a durable type of wood that is decorative in its own right, thanks to its wood grain of rich yellow cut through with warm shades of brown, giving it a look all its own.

These olive wood figurines were crafted by hand by professional Christian woodworkers that live in the city of Bethlehem, close to the source of where Jesus Christ was born. Each piece is crafted with care to ensure not only their individuality but also their quality, offering only the most premium pieces to customers. Once they are carved, they are carefully sanded to give them a natural shine and enhance their smoothness.

Choose your most meaningful Biblical moment or figure and preserve it in your home or office for a lifetime with these figurines.

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