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Praying Rosaries For Sale

Praying Rosaries For Sale

Our Rosaries Collection Consists of Olive Wood Bead Rosaries or High-Quality Crystal Rosaries available in different colors. Almost all of our collection comes with either holy soil from the holy lands or holy water. 

The term rosary comes from the Latin term “rosarium,” which means rose garden. Historically, the rosary is used for Catholic prayer devotion. The prayer beads are used to count a series of three prayers that make up the rosary. These sequential prayers begin with “The Lord’s Prayer” followed by ten “Hail Mary’s,” and ending with “Glory Be to the Father. At times, this sequence also includes the “Fatima Prayer.” When the prayer sequence is completed the believer meditates on one of the 20 “Mysteries of the Rosary.”

Bethlehem Olive Wood Rosaries For Sale Online

These mysteries focus on the Life of Jesus. In culture today, many other denominations also use prayer beads. Prayer beads or rosaries are a wonderful way to grow in faith. They make wonderful gifts and are a great teaching tool, as well.

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