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Wooden Animal Figures & Statues

animal statues olive woodAll the handicrafts of Olive Wood Animal Statues in this collection is handcrafted by artists from the holy land,
every piece of those Wooden Animals is previewed before shipping to make sure it's flawless and we guarantee you get your beautiful gift.

Olive Wood Animal Statues & Figures Including Wooden Camels For Sale

Wooden Animal Figurines These Olive Wood animals figurines range from Biblical-inspired to just plain cute. We are constantly increasing our wooden animal statues. 
Please Note: Olive Wood is an organic material, so each item produced has its own unique color, grain, and shine.

Why Chose Zuluf To Get Your Olive Wood Animals?

  • All Our Olive Wood Comes from Holy Land and made by Zuluf Christian Families in Bethlehem - more than fourteen Christian Families in Bethlehem depend on our Community
  • Carved by Hand with Basic tools and Machinery
  • Made from Dry wood, that will last life time they will never crack because the wood is dried for years
  • Well Sanded and naturally finished it will keep its natural shine and color doesn't Change

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