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Holy Land Olive Wood Beads

Check out our olive wood beads selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our Hand selected all handmade and reviewed olive wood beads made in Bethlehem. A variety of shapes and sizes are available.  

Bethlehem Olive Wood Beads Wholesale & Bulk Prices

Vintage olive wood round & Oval beads are very beautiful and natural in various sizes and quantities, the beads are treated with a natural base sealer to protect the timber from humidity and sweat, we "don't" ruin or cut whole trees for the process of making our beads, all our products are made with great respect to environment and tradition.

Special prices for bulk orders on our Olive Wood Beads!

Christian jewelry is something that many people of faith enjoy wearing in order to keep their beliefs close to them. The most common type of Christian jewelry tends to come in the form of metal necklaces and bracelets that have small crucifixes on them, but there is more than one type of jewelry that you can wear to express your faith.

Whether you want to create your own one of a kind religious jewelry that holds meaning and symbolism for you or you are interested in stringing your own rosary, these Holy Land Olive Wood Beads are perfect. The Holy Land Olive Wood Beads are carved out of premium olive wood that originated in the Holy Land, offering instant religious appeal.

The olive wood is responsible for the mostly light color of the beads, which work well for any kind of bracelet or jewelry. The beads are available in various shapes including round and oval and in just as many sizes. Sizes include but are not limited to five, six, 14, 16 and 20 millimeters. In this way, you can take control over the look and feel of whatever jewelry or rosary you intend to make with them.

Each one of the Holy Land Olive Wood Beads is carved, created and polished by hand by Christian artisans in the Holy Land using natural, local wood, giving them an authentic appeal. Shop our collection of olive wood beads today and bring yours home now.


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