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Ceramics & Pottery

Historically, Ceramics & Pottery have been around since humans have walked the Earth. Ceramics & pottery have had a purposeful use, as well as a Decorative and even Spiritual use and value. Zuluf has a huge selection of Holy Land Ceramics & Armenian pottery that can be used, as well as displayed. Our crafters use designs that have historical meaning, as well as newer designs that fit beautifully into more contemporary settings. 

Holy Land Ceramics & Christian Armenian Pottery from Israel

Armenian Ceramics & Christian Pottery makes a wonderful and unique gift and adds character to any environment. Christian ceramics & Armenian Pottery display wonderful ArmenianChristian, Jewish, and Oriental Style pottery designs, as well as bringing value and purpose.

Ceramic and pottery items have been around for many centuries, practically since the first humans arrived. It is an art form that has been perfected over the years and used to not only create viable working pieces but beautiful art as well. There are a number of different materials, skills and know-how that go into creating pottery pieces, and in our shop, you will find yourself impressed by all of the diversity that this type of art has to offer.

We offer religious Ceramics & Pottery gifts that you can incorporate into your daily lives, including practical and usable mugs, cups and bowls. We also offer trays and decorative plates that can be displayed in cabinets and on tables. Other practical gifts include the clocks in our collection that will allow you to keep track of time with a glance while also decorating your home with items from the Holy Land.

Each piece in our shop was created by artisans from the Holy Land who take care to create only the highest quality finished art craft items. Because of their handmade nature, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each one a unique and one of a kind gift. They can be purchased for yourself as a way to decorate your home and celebrate your faith or gifted to a loved one to allow them to do the same.

Browse our collection of Ceramics & Pottery today and find the best piece for you or a gift.


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