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10 olive wood crosses - 10 Pieces total - Charms for Rosaries - Gifts For Friends PEN213

10 olive wood crosses - 10 Pieces total - Charms for Rosaries - Gifts For Friends PEN213 - Zuluf

10 olive wood crosses - 10 Pieces total - Charms for Rosaries - Gifts For Friends PEN213

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Weight 10gram  2cm×1.5c×0.5cm

Elevate your faith with our collection of 10 Olive Wood Pendants, designed for crafting rosary bracelets or adding a spiritual touch to your craft projects. These pendants go beyond being symbols of devotion; they also reflect our unwavering support for the Christian community, fair trade principles, and the most affordable prices.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Olive Wood Craftsmanship: Each pendant is lovingly handcrafted from genuine olive wood, forming a tangible connection to the profound spiritual heritage of the Holy Land. Our commitment to authenticity ensures you receive a sacred item.

  2. Versatile Design: These pendants are perfect for crafting your own rosary bracelets, necklaces, or incorporating them into various DIY projects. Their simplicity in design allows for creativity.

  3. Support for the Christian Community: Your purchase actively contributes to supporting the Christian community in the Holy Land, enabling artisans to preserve their traditions and improve their livelihoods.

  4. Fair Trade Principles: We firmly believe in fair trade practices. By choosing these pendants, you become part of a movement that ensures artisans receive fair compensation for their exceptional work.

  5. Best Prices Guaranteed: We take pride in offering you the best prices, making these meaningful pendants accessible to everyone seeking to deepen their faith and express their creativity.

Q1: How do I attach these Olive Wood Pendants to my rosary bracelet or craft project? A1: You can easily thread a cord or wire through the small hole at the top of each pendant to attach them to your rosary bracelet or craft project. They're versatile and simple to work with.

Q2: How does my purchase support the Christian community in the Holy Land? A2: Your purchase plays a significant role in sustaining the Christian community in the Holy Land, providing economic stability and preserving their rich traditions. It's a meaningful way to show your support.

Experience the profound spirituality and unwavering faith represented by our 10 Olive Wood Pendants. Your choice goes beyond personal devotion; it's a powerful statement of support for the Christian community and the principles of fair trade.

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