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50 Olive Wood Crosses Jerusalem Gift Shop Pen226

50 Olive Wood Crosses Jerusalem Gift Shop Pen226 - Zuluf

50 Olive Wood Crosses Jerusalem Gift Shop Pen226

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Weight 35gram  2cm×1.5cm×0.5cm

Elevate your faith with our small Olive Wood Crosses, lovingly crafted in Bethlehem. These petite symbols of spirituality carry the essence of the Holy Land within their intricate designs.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Bethlehem Craftsmanship: Each cross is handcrafted in Bethlehem, a place rich with spiritual history, ensuring the authenticity of these tokens of faith.

  2. Small Yet Meaningful: The small size of these crosses makes them perfect for personal adornment, gifting, or incorporating into your craft projects.

  3. Unique Wood: Made from genuine olive wood, each cross carries the natural beauty of this sacred wood, connecting you to the biblical roots of Christianity.

These small Olive Wood Crosses are a tribute to Bethlehem's artistry and spirituality. Whether you wear them as a symbol of your faith or share them as meaningful gifts, they hold a piece of the Holy Land close to your heart.

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