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Nativities & Nativity Sets

Nativities & Nativity Sets

Our unique collection of nativities & Olive Wood Nativity Sets From Bethlehem Hand Made & Well Packaged By Our Families

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Zuluf Nativities Made By More than Fourteen Christian Families that Live in Bethlehem that supports Disadvantaged Men and Women in The Holy Land.

Please Note That Each Piece of Olive Wood Color Grain May Vary - Each Piece is Unique and Also the Carving Is Hand Made with Basic Power Tools Details Might Vary from the Pictures Online

Always recommended, aside from choosing the best reserved and dried wood to give the nativities it's natural to look, unique and artistic Olive Wood Nativities are available in our inventory, we advise you to contact us and we'll provide you with pictures of nice and one of a kind nativities.

Olive Wood Nativities & Wooden Nativity Sets From Bethlehem - Zuluf

olive wood nativity sets made in bethlehem - Zuluf Store

Most of the time Christian’s associate nativity sets with Christmas. Christmas is the time that we celebrate the birth of Christ. Thus, it is a wonderful time to display a nativity set. However, nativity sets can be displayed year-round as a reminder of Jesus’ gift to us. Nativity sets can be displayed in the home, office, store, church, or anyplace else where you would like a beautiful reminder of the true gift we were given. Children’s nativity sets are wonderful for teaching about Jesus. Letting your child play with a special children’s nativity all year long is a great way to remind them of the story of Christ and of Jesus’ love for us all.

Hand-carved wooden nativity sets from Olive Wood - Bring the Holy Land to your Home

Now It is the Perfect Time for you to start collecting your own Nativity Figures and Scene, you can visit our Store in Bethlehem or purchase one online, not only you will get a unique piece of the holy land in your home but the nativity will be made out of olive wood from the olive tree that is mentioned many times in the Bible, and it will last you a life time you can pass it to your children and grandchildren.

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