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Authentic Holy Land 14 Stations Budded Wooden Crucifix - Enriched with 4 Sacred Essences

14 Stations Cross with Holy Land Blessings - Zuluf

Authentic Holy Land 14 Stations Budded Wooden Crucifix - Enriched with 4 Sacred Essences

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Connect deeper with your faith through our Budded Wooden Crucifix featuring 14 Stations, which not only embodies the sacred journey of Christ but is further sanctified with four revered essences preserved in glass, directly sourced from the Holy Land.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Representation of 14 Stations: Relive Christ’s path with each intricately carved station on this crucifix, offering a profound visual meditation tool.

  • Sacred Essences in Glass: Experience spiritual warmth through the preserved essences of Olive Oil, Jordan River Water, Holy Land Soil, and Frankincense.

  • Genuine Budded Cross Design: The budding ends signify new beginnings, aligning with the resurrection theme of the Christian faith.

  • Support for Christian Artisans: We deeply value and support the Christian communities in the Holy Land. Each purchase uplifts their craft and sustains their heritage.

  • Fair Trade Assurance: Ethical sourcing is our pledge. Every crucifix is a product of fair practices, ensuring our artisans are treated with dignity and fairness.

  • Competitive Pricing: While the spiritual value is priceless, we ensure that this divine artifact is also accessible and affordable.


  1. Why are the 14 Stations significant?

    • The 14 Stations of the Cross represent the events from Jesus’ condemnation to His crucifixion, serving as a reminder of His sacrifices for humanity.
  2. What do the four essences symbolize?

    • These essences – Olive Oil, Jordan River Water, Holy Land Soil, and Frankincense – each hold biblical significance, symbolizing peace, baptism, creation, and worship respectively.
  3. How does this product support the Christian community?

    • A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Christian craftsmen in the Holy Land, ensuring their traditions flourish.
  4. Is the wood used sustainable?

    • Absolutely! Sustainability is key, and the wood for each crucifix is responsibly sourced, ensuring no harm to our environment.
  5. Can this be a suitable gift for religious occasions?

    • Yes, its spiritual significance paired with the essence of the Holy Land makes it a cherished gift for baptisms, confirmations, Easter, and other sacred events.

An Artifact of Faith & Devotion: The 14 Stations Budded Wooden Crucifix enriched with sacred essences stands as a testament to the enduring story of faith and sacrifice. Allow it to elevate your spiritual space, serving as a daily reminder of divine love and commitment.

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