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Authentic Orthodox Olive Wood Cross - Embedded with Genuine Holy Land Soil

Authentic Orthodox Olive Wood Cross - Embedded with Genuine Holy Land Soil - Zuluf

Authentic Orthodox Olive Wood Cross - Embedded with Genuine Holy Land Soil

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Introduction: Deepen your connection with the divine using our Orthodox-style Olive Wood Cross. Handcrafted by artisans, this cross is infused with soil from the Holy Land, allowing you to be in close touch with the sacred grounds where Christ once walked.

Special Features:

  • Genuine Holy Land Soil: This cross doesn’t just symbolize faith; it carries with it a piece of the Holy Land, providing a direct spiritual link.

  • Traditional Orthodox Design: Skillfully carved in the revered orthodox pattern, ensuring it stands out in your collection of religious artifacts.

  • Handmade by Christian Artisans: Our commitment to supporting the Christian community in the Holy Land is unwavering. With every purchase, you help in uplifting their craftsmanship and preserving centuries-old traditions.

  • Fair Trade Commitment: In line with our principles, we ensure that every cross is sourced ethically, upholding the standards of fair trade.

  • Priced Just Right: While spiritually invaluable, we also ensure the cross is reasonably priced, offering the best value for genuine, handcrafted art.


  1. What significance does the Holy Land soil have?

    • The soil is a direct connection to the grounds where biblical events unfolded, offering believers a tangible piece of the holy journey.
  2. Why choose an Orthodox-style cross?

    • The Orthodox cross, with its unique design, holds significant historical and liturgical meaning, making it a treasured artifact for believers.
  3. How does this product aid the Christian community?

    • With each purchase, a significant portion aids Christian artisans in the Holy Land, ensuring their craft thrives amidst modern challenges.
  4. Is the olive wood sustainably sourced?

    • Absolutely! We prioritize environmental responsibility, ensuring each piece of wood is sourced sustainably without causing ecological harm.
  5. Is this a suitable gift for special religious occasions?

    • Undoubtedly. Its spiritual resonance makes it a perfect gift for baptisms, Easter, or any moment you wish to share the blessings of faith.

A Treasured Relic of Faith: Owning the Orthodox Olive Wood Cross with Holy Land soil isn’t just about having a religious artifact. It’s about possessing a piece of history, a slice of the sacred land, and a testament to unwavering faith. Elevate your spiritual journey with this handcrafted marvel.

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