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5mm Olive Wood Beads

Bethlehem Olive Wood Beads 5mm rosary supplies round beads ( 60 Beads ) BEAD201 - Zuluf

5mm Olive Wood Beads

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Dimensions 0.5*0.5cm

Weight 7 grams


5mm Olive Wood Beads from Zuluf Souvenir Store and Factory

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Holy Land with our exclusive collection of 5mm Olive Wood Beads, perfect for a myriad of crafting projects. Each bead is meticulously handcrafted from sustainable olive wood sourced from the ancient groves of Bethlehem, ensuring that every piece carries with it a story of tradition and faith.

Versatile Crafting Essential Whether you're creating delicate jewelry, designing a unique rosary, or seeking the perfect beads for your DIY bracelets and necklaces, our 5mm beads are the ideal choice. Their polished finish and uniform size make them a favorite for jewelry makers and craft enthusiasts alike.

Bulk Availability for Creativity Unleashed Available in bulk quantities, our 5mm olive wood beads are a staple for anyone looking to create in volume, be it for church fundraisers, religious education, or spiritual retreats. Their natural beauty makes them a poignant choice for faith jewelry, confirmation crafts, and baptism favors.

Eco-Friendly and Authentic At Zuluf Souvenir Store and Factory, we pride ourselves on offering eco-friendly olive wood beads that are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful. Our beads are not just crafting supplies; they are a sustainable choice for those who are environmentally conscious and prefer authentic, handmade items.

For Spiritual and Mindful Crafting Our beads are not only for adornment but also serve as a tool for meditation and mindfulness practices. They are perfect for creating religious gifts, spiritual crafts, and can even be used in religious ceremonies and Christian decorations.

Celebrate with Meaningful Decor Looking to add a touch of spirituality to your festivities? Our beads are perfect for creating Christmas ornaments, Easter decorations, and can even be used as wedding decorations for those who want to add a meaningful touch to their special day.

A Token of Faith and Tradition These 5mm olive wood beads are more than just beads; they are a token of faith and tradition. They can be used to create religious heirlooms, medallions, and tokens that carry significant meaning.

Shop our 5mm Olive Wood Beads today and bring the essence of the Holy Land into your crafts. At Zuluf Souvenir Store and Factory, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, authentic olive wood beads that inspire creativity and devotion.

Why Buy Your Olive Wood Beads from Zuluf Bethlehem Olive Wood Factory?

Best Prices & Quality Hand Made From Bethlehem & Jerusalem - Your Support Will be remembered By All the Families that survive through this Establishment, We Follow Fair Trade Principles as well as supporting disadvantaged men & women in the Bethlehem Christian community, God Bless You All - Zuluf Holy Land Gifts

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