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Hand-Carved Olive Wood Puzzle Keychain: Intricate Artistry from Bethlehem’s Time-Honored Groves KC219

Bethlehem olive wood hand made puzzle Keychain KC219 - Zuluf

Hand-Carved Olive Wood Puzzle Keychain: Intricate Artistry from Bethlehem’s Time-Honored Groves KC219

Regular price $2.00

Dimensions 4*4*1cm

Weight 15 grams

Unveil a masterpiece of craftsmanship with our Hand-Carved Olive Wood Puzzle Keychain. Crafted meticulously from Bethlehem's revered olive trees, this keychain is not just a practical accessory but a symbol of intricate artistry and an enduring connection to sacred terrains.

  • Legacy of Olive Wood: Handpicked from the iconic olive groves of Bethlehem, each keychain brings with it tales of age-old faith, spirituality, and the divine grace of the Holy Land.

  • Challenging Puzzle Design: Beyond its striking aesthetic, the puzzle design offers a delightful challenge, melding fun and functionality in one elegant piece.

  • Saluting Bethlehem’s Craftsmen: Rooted deeply in the Christian heartland, every purchase directly uplifts and bolsters Bethlehem's gifted artisans, preserving their unparalleled artistry.

  • Dedication to Fair Trade: Our unwavering allegiance to ethical principles guarantees that each artisan is valued and remunerated fairly, creating an environment of respect and mutual growth.

  • Master Craft at Accessible Rates: Engage with Bethlehem’s ageless woodcraft tradition without being heavy on the pocket. We promise top-notch quality at competitive prices.


  1. What sets apart Bethlehem’s olive wood in handcrafted keychains?

    • Apart from its striking grain and robustness, Bethlehem's olive wood is imbued with spiritual and historical resonances, linking it to biblical events and narratives.
  2. Is the puzzle on the keychain functional or purely decorative?

    • Our puzzle keychain is designed to be both functional and decorative, offering users a delightful challenge while serving as a conversation starter.
  3. How does my purchase support local artisans in Bethlehem?

    • Each keychain sold directly contributes to the welfare of Christian artisans in Bethlehem, ensuring their rich crafting heritage thrives amidst modern challenges.

Discover a union of art and history with our Hand-Carved Olive Wood Puzzle Keychain. A blend of Bethlehem's age-old craftsmanship with a contemporary twist, ensuring you carry a piece of sacred land and its artful legacy.

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