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Bulk-Priced Handmade Olive Wood Dove Keychain: Timeless Symbol of Peace from Bethlehem's Ancient Groves KC218

Olive wood hand made Angel and Dove Keychain KC218 - Zuluf

Bulk-Priced Handmade Olive Wood Dove Keychain: Timeless Symbol of Peace from Bethlehem's Ancient Groves KC218

Regular price $2.50

Dimensions 4.5*3*0.7cm

Weight 12 grams

Dive into a world of age-old craftsmanship and serenity with our Handmade Olive Wood Dove Keychain. Fashioned from the esteemed olive trees of Bethlehem, this keychain is more than just an accessory – it's a piece of history infused with hope and tranquility.

  • Bethlehem's Olive Wood Legacy: From the storied groves of Bethlehem, this keychain imbibes centuries of tales, faith, and the tranquil spirit of the Holy Land.

  • Symbolic Dove Emblem: A universally cherished icon, the dove stands as a testament to hope, peace, and love, resonating across cultures and beliefs.

  • Supporting Bethlehem's Craftsmanship: Our intrinsic bond with the Christian community ensures that with every purchase, the region's artisans receive support, keeping their cherished craft alive and thriving.

  • Unwavering Fair Trade Commitment: Rooted in a bedrock of ethics, we champion fair trade practices, ensuring artisans are remunerated fairly, fostering an environment of growth and mutual respect.

  • Bulk Savings: Dive into Bethlehem’s age-old crafting tradition with unmatched value. We offer exceptional bulk pricing without compromising on the keychain's exquisite quality.


  1. What makes olive wood from Bethlehem unique for crafting keychains?

    • Olive wood from Bethlehem is not only renowned for its intricate grain and longevity but also for its spiritual connotations, echoing stories and beliefs from the biblical era.
  2. How does the Dove design on the keychain intertwine with themes of peace?

    • The dove, often linked with messages of harmony and reconciliation, serves as a gentle reminder of the pursuit of peace, unity, and shared hope.
  3. Can I avail further discounts on larger bulk orders?

    • Absolutely! We strive to provide the best value, especially for bulk orders. Reach out to us, and we'll happily customize pricing based on the order volume.

Embrace a touch of Bethlehem's serene legacy with our Handmade Olive Wood Dove Keychain. When procured in bulk, it's not just a purchase but an investment in history, peace, and artisanal excellence.

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