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Authentic Jerusalem Olive Wood Fish Keychain: Handmade Symbol of Luck & Blessings KC217

Olive wood hand made jerusalem fish keychain KC217 - Zuluf

Authentic Jerusalem Olive Wood Fish Keychain: Handmade Symbol of Luck & Blessings KC217

Regular price $2.10

Dimensions 6*3*0.5cm

Weight 10 grams

Elevate your key collection with our Wooden Fish Keychain, meticulously handcrafted from authentic olive wood from the heart of Jerusalem. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this keychain carries a profound spiritual significance, making it a unique emblem of luck, faith, and heritage.

  • Authentic Jerusalem Craftsmanship: Each keychain is handmade, ensuring a unique olive wood grain pattern, a testimony to its originality.

  • Christian Community Beneficiary: With every purchase, you're directly supporting the Christian community and fostering spiritual and economic growth in Jerusalem.

  • Fair Trade Guarantee: Our commitment is unwavering. Ensuring ethical trade practices, we stand for fairness in wages and a positive working environment for artisans.

  • Best Price Promise: Merging spiritual depth with affordability, we make sure that you get unmatched value for every penny spent.

  • Symbol of Luck and Faith: The fish design is not just an aesthetic choice but deeply rooted in Christian symbolism, representing luck, prosperity, and faith.


  1. What significance does the fish symbol hold?

    • The fish is an ancient Christian symbol known as "Ichthys". Representing Christ, it's also seen as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and spiritual blessings.
  2. How do I ensure the authenticity of the olive wood?

    • Our Wooden Fish Keychain is crafted from genuine olive wood from Jerusalem, known for its distinct grain pattern and rich history.
  3. How does my purchase help the Christian community?

    • Part of the proceeds from our sales goes directly towards supporting Christian initiatives and artisans in Jerusalem, enriching both spiritual and economic aspects of their lives.

Embrace a piece of Jerusalem and its rich Christian heritage with our Olive Wood Fish Keychain. Symbolizing luck and blessings, it's more than just an accessory – it's a testament to faith, craft, and community.

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