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Bethlehem Olive Wood Handmade Peace Dove Keychain: Symbol of Harmony from the Holy Land’s Age-Old Trees KC216

Olive wood hand made peace Dove bethlehem keychain KC216 - Zuluf

Bethlehem Olive Wood Handmade Peace Dove Keychain: Symbol of Harmony from the Holy Land’s Age-Old Trees KC216

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Dimensions 5.5*3*0.5cm

Weight 9 grams

Experience the tranquility and timeless tales of Bethlehem with our Olive Wood Handmade Peace Dove Keychain. Meticulously chiseled from the venerable olive trees of Bethlehem, this emblem stands as a beacon of hope, unity, and divine peace.

  • Historic Olive Wood: Harvested from the ancient olive groves of Bethlehem, this keychain weaves together the rich history and spirituality of the Holy Land.

  • Universal Peace Dove: Serving as a symbol of hope, reconciliation, and divine love, the dove captures the essence of peace and the universal dream of unity.

  • Uplifting Christian Artisans: Deeply intertwined with the Christian community of Bethlehem, each purchase bolsters the region's craftsmen, safeguarding their esteemed legacy.

  • Stalwart Support for Fair Trade: Bound by ethical pillars, we unwaveringly advocate for fair trade, ensuring our artisans prosper and excel in a nurturing atmosphere.

  • Masterful Craft, Accessible Pricing: Connect with the ancient artistry of Bethlehem without undue expenditure. We vouch for unparalleled quality at cost-effective rates.


  1. Why is olive wood from Bethlehem treasured in Christian artifacts?

    • Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Bethlehem's olive wood embodies profound spiritual significance, symbolizing endurance, peace, and the very grounds where biblical narratives transpired.
  2. What does the Peace Dove signify in Christian traditions?

    • The Peace Dove, often associated with the Holy Spirit, epitomizes hope, divine guidance, and God's unwavering love, promoting unity and harmony among believers.
  3. How does my purchase champion the Christian artisans of Bethlehem?

    • Your acquisition directly sustains the Christian craftsmen in Bethlehem, fueling their passion and ensuring their time-honored craft flourishes.

Hold a piece of Bethlehem's serene legacy and the eternal message of peace with our Handmade Olive Wood Peace Dove Keychain. A tactile testament to hope, unity, and divine love.

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